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Aug 26, 2013 5:00pm PDT
of deciding to take a year au off instead. it is called a gap year. >> george: and some of america's top universities, hathey actually support it. not too long ago, i came across three teens who were on the global journey of a lifetime. this is the story of three 19-year-olds. ♪ >> george: who decided to live for almost a year outside their comfort zones. lady douglas is from amarillo, texas. >> god totally broke down every part of me, every inch of me. >> jesus, i thank you so much for this day. thank you so much for the way that you provided for us throughout this trip, god. >> kristin hendrix is from norman, oklahoma. >> i have grown up in a christian home and in a christian school, to where that is all i have been surrounded with. i wasn't able to truly make my faith my own. >> george: and kara crenshaw is from jackson, tennessee. >> after high school, i was kind of, like, tired of being in a classroom. you're in a classroom for 13 years, and you're expected to go to college right after that. i wanted to get out and see the world. >> george: the teenagers signed up with camp kegel,
Aug 5, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. >> george: christians hiked through america's great smoky mountains led by one of the foremost creation scientists in this country. they searched for geologically evidence of christianism and the biblical account of the great flood. russ jones joined the exhibition. >> reporter: dr. andrew snelling, director of research led the half day of the e escurtcurtion. they wanted to teach about creationism. perhaps one of the world's leading researchers in flood geology, snelling claims clingman's stone is an example of how catastrophic events challenged the idea of an earth formation that took billions of years. >> one of the key events in the earth's history is the flood. jesus even spoke of the flood. peter spoke of the flood. so noah and the flood are key to that history being proved. true. and if that history is true, then the gospel message founded on that history is true, and challenges people that they must respond to the creator, jesus christ. >> reporter: joshua just moved to knoxville, tennessee from spain, where his parents were missionaries. he said he was excited to discover evide
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2